Look what I found! How very beautiful are these little treasures.

So very beautiful and in amazing conditioning.

So very beautiful and in amazing conditioning.


Stitching Bee

Crocheting cosys and drinking tea... What's not to like

Crocheting cosys and drinking tea… What’s not to like


Fridays are our #stitchingbee 2nd Friday in the month at the moment, but people have been wanting to do it every week. We think that’s what we’ll do. Lets get Christmas out the way then start weekly in January.

If you’re vegan…

Go on you know it makes sense...

Go on you know it makes sense…

If you’re vegan and fancy coffee and cake, come and visit us. We’ll have flapjacks and chocolate cake this week. If you fancy something savoury then there’s soup, all homemade and lovely and warming, there’s sandwiches too.


Today tried to say goodbye to a great friend. Decided it can’t be done, he’s still here amongst us all. An amazing and sad and happy day filled with stories and hugs and lots of love. We’ll move on and Chops will come with us.


Cream Teas

We make our scones, and use locally source clotted cream and strawberry jam. We think our cream teas are really rather special, we hope you do too.

Cream Tea

Why we were shut!


We were shut last weekend in Sept.  I went up to London for a wedding. It took place in this amazing church, it’s St Mary’s in Ealing. A family tradition for the Halders. What a wonderful day.

We are open!

This is a test